These are the children of the Prowess Dance group, run by Fiona Tolland with the help of her assistant Laura.
I attended a couple of the dance classes in advance of the show, to allow the children to get used to the idea of being photographed on their big night.
On the first occasion, I attended a rehersal to photograph the children practising their dance moves. I also took a group photo of the children in their black Prowess t-shirts.

The following week, with Laura’s help, I briefly took each child outside, to take their individual portrait, although I also photographed siblings together, as well as close friends together.
The third visit was the Prowess Dance Group show itself.  Choreographed by Fiona, the show had an Olympic theme. As the dance begins, each child ran down the aisle carrying a flag representing a country in the Commonwealth.
Just as the parents were arriving and the children were finished getting ready, I took the opportunity to take another group photo of the Prowess Dance Group in their costumes. I don’t usually have a problem projecting my voice but on this occasion, I have to admit I found it quite challenging to get my voice heard by ten very excited children! Suffice to say, in this group photo, the fun and excitement shows as does each child’s individual personality.
Needless to say, the children were on top form and gave a winning performance!
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