This week I am launching a couple of new photography products to offer my portrait clients. Whilst I am with them for a family portrait shoot, I can take their baby or child’s finger or footprint, and have it impressed into a piece of silver jewellery which could be carried with them for the rest of their life, either as a pendant on a necklace, a charm on a bracelet or cufflinks.

Photography Products silver jewellery with baby handprint

In fact, it’s not resticted just to people who have babies and children. If you have someone you love – a parent, grandma, best-friend, fiance, for example –  and want to carry a precious keepsake of them with you every day, then you could have a piece of jewellery handmade, created bespoke for you, using their handprint, footprint, fingerprint etc.
You may even like to add a name, date or personal message on the piece of jewellery. Heart-shaped, star-shaped, diamond-shaped. Mix and match footprints and handprints on the same pendant – there are so many options, and you may even have a suggestion of your own, which is fine by me – let’s talk about it.
Using a very special putty (it’s no ordinary plasticine) I will mix the ingredients within a matter of minutes and take the foot, hand or finger print. I’ll leave it to dry for 15 minutes before taking it away with me to give to the Silversmith. Depending on the complexity of the piece of jewellery (some pendants can have up to four prints impressed), it could take between 7-28 days to make but I will ensure the fastest and safest delivery back to you.
Lastly, I would like to point out that I’m always on the look-out for new photography products to offer clients. With all my photo keepsake products, I only partner with companies who use the best quality and finest materials, fabrics etc. The silver used for this jewellery is pure 999 silver. That means it’s 99.9% pure. For comparison, Sterling Silver (925) is 92.5% pure.
This bespoke, handmade jewellery is to last forever and costs from £120 when you have a baby or family portrait shoot with me.
Simply call 0208 989 4886 and let’s start creating some memories!
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