Get a photo using the tooth fairy app

An impromptu blog post, and a bit different to my norm – I found this really cool App today called The Tooth Fairy App which I think will appeal to all those mums and dads who have youngsters who are going through the wobbly teeth stage.
It’s a real milestone in a child’s life – some children might be excited about loosing their baby teeth, whilst some might be nervous by this event.
It brings back memories. I remember the days when I would have a wobbly tooth, and I would gently rock it with my tongue over and over again to loosen it just a little bit more, so that finally, it would come out just that little bit easier and quicker. And then I would put it under my pillow at night, in the hope that I would wake up in the morning and find a little something (ok, money) in return for my prized tooth.  I can’t remember what the going rate was back then, or indeed what the going rate is now. Do you know?
Anyway, I don’t know what it was, but there was something rather gratifying about all the wiggling, the rocking, the bleeding and the pulling – do you know what I mean?
Well, if you’ve got any doubting Thomas issues going on with your child, as to the existence of the Tooth Fairy, this App could help you to turn the situation around and put your child’s fears at rest – and you might just get your little cherub off to sleep a little bit quicker too.
All you have to do is send a photo of your child sleeping, and within a few days, you’ll receive that photo back by email to show your child that the Tooth Fairy really does exist – and she’s waiting patiently for that special tooth!
What a magical idea – and it’s absolutely free to use.  Go on, follow this link to the Tooth Fairy App.
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