Though I do have two cats, which I wouldn’t change for the world, I do love dogs. They are fun, spontaneous and comforting. Everyone who has a dog knows that they are the centre of the family. And with all of the unconditional love, they deserve to be treated to a day all their own.
National Puppy Day, which takes place on March 21st, celebrates the happiness and love that puppies (and older dogs of course) bring into our lives. However, it is also a day that it is dedicated to our four legged best friends that aren’t so fortunate, and have been orphaned and abandoned.
Founded in 2006 by Celebrity Pet and Home Lifestyle Expert and Author, Colleen Paige, (who is also Founder of National Dog Day and National Cat Day), National Puppy Day is now considered an international holiday. Colleen Paige has devoted her life to improve the lives of animals and their humans.

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Pet and Owner Portraits is the perfect way to show your cuddly (and very often furry) friends how much you love and appreciate them and everything they do, (even ripping the stuffing from your favourite cushion, or burying your slippers in the back garden). Pet and Owner portraits photography also ensures that you have a stunning portrait that you can cherish forever. Make your pet and owner portraits photography fun and engaging with my top three ideas, that will make it a day to remember.

French Bulldogs | Kim Rix Photography | & Pet Portraits | | Kim Rix Photography1. Get your friends and family involved. Invite those round who have a dog, and host a puppy party (or dogs dinner). This will create some exciting imagery and not only will you have fun, beautiful photography; it is also an excuse to kick back and relax for the afternoon.

2. Take your dog to the beach. This will be a special treat, and your dog will be excited. The beach is an ideal location to capture stunning images between you and your pet.
3. Take your dog to a training school. Teaching your pet new tricks will provide some bonding time, and create unique and beautiful pet and owner portrait photography, which really represents the relationship between you and your dog.
These pet and owner portraits photography ideas will capture the unique personality of your pet, that you fell in love with. They will also immortalise the love and bond you share. There isn’t a stronger relationship than the one between owner and dog, and National Puppy Day is the perfect reason to say thank you and celebrate your pet.

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Celebrate your four legged friend with Kim Rix Photography. Send in your favourite portrait of your puppy via and I will post them on my Kim Rix Photography Facebook page.
Also, the best one will win an exclusive prize. Good luck!
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