When deciding on a London portrait photographer, you should try to listen to your inner voice and choose one that matches your own personality and demeanor. Factors such as location and budget, though still important, should not be considered at this stage.
You need to connect emotionally with your portrait photographer, and be able to develop a relationship with them. Feeling comfortable, not only with your choice but during the shoot can ensure that you have a positive and memorable experience, and will produce beautiful and natural results.
Working with the wrong portrait photographer could affect your entire experience, and will not capture the best of you on the day of your shoot. And this unfortunately will reflect in the final images.

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I have provided you with three things that a professional London portrait photographer should never do, helping you to find your perfect match.
1. Make you feel uncomfortable.
Portrait photographers should always make you feel comfortable and take time to get to know you, and build a relationship. Being in front of a camera can be a daunting experience, but if you have a strong connection with your photographer, you will feel relaxed and enjoy the photo shoot. This will create stunning, natural imagery. If a photographer makes you feel uncomfortable, or doesn’t attempt to relax or engage with you at consultation, I would suggest they are not the right photographer for you.
2. Doesn’t require a consultation.
A good London portrait photographer will insist on an initial consultation. Going straight into the shoot doesn’t do anyone any favours. Consultations not only allow a relationship to be developed, but they are vital as it is a chance for you to get to know the photographer. You will be able to meet them at their showroom or studio, and look at their portfolio and available products. You will be able to discuss ideas, and gain a clear understanding of what you will get out of the photo shoot.
3. Takes over.
It’s your shoot, and it’s all about you. When you book the portrait shoot, you may have an idea of what you want, both during the day and in the final results. Photographers are very creative people, and will also have their own ideas. Don’t be afraid to curb them or guide them in the direction of your requirements. A good portrait photographer, though may provide inspiration will work with your ideas and vision, to ensure that the photo shoot is a true reflection of you.

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The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing your photographer is how they make you feel. If they are prepared to work on your terms, and to implement your ideas, and if they are willing to get to know you prior to the shoot, on several occasions, then you have a keeper. Happy Days!
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