Did you know that today is International Day of Families? Now there’s something to celebrate – and a good reason to organise a family portrait! Introduced by the United Nations, International Family Day focuses on the importance of having healthy and happy relationships with your relatives.
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Having strong relationships and bonding with relatives is the core of healthy families and communities. Some of us are born into them, I was adopted into mine, and we go through the most important part of our developmental stages with them.
Use International Day of Families as the perfect excuse to get the family together and celebrate togetherness and unity. It is also the perfect opportunity to have a family portrait taken. With a family portrait, you will be able to document your family history and family generations.
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I have listed my top five favourite ideas that will ensure that you have a day, and a family portrait to remember.
1.    International Day of Families 2014 is an opportunity to organise a family reunion. It is also a reason to contact and see family members that you don’t see very often or have lost contact with. Organise a party or a dinner, and hire a professional photographer to capture the special moments. Then have some albums made to share with the entire family. Who knows, it may become an annual celebration.
2.    Put together a family tree. Retrieve as much information from your family as possible and put together a family tree. Visit archives, and interview family members, and hire a professional photographer to document your journey. You can include the final family tree or individual birth certificates into the final album.
3.    Capture your direct family enjoying your favourite activities. Whether it is sports, arts and crafts, visiting the zoo, stunning family portraits will help create cherished memories and remind you of the value of spending family time together.
4.    Capture siblings and cousins together. These are the first friends that children form, and that bond is long lasting. Whether they young or old, creating a beautiful family portrait will remind them of this bond, and will remind them that though they may bicker, they love each other really.
5.    Be creative. Whether you create an unconventional family portrait, add props or develop a fun and unique theme, let it reflect your personality as a family. Imagine having a canvas or album that each time you look at it, you laugh, smile and are reminded of how special your family is.
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Family life can get hectic, so why not use professional family portrait photography to capture and document the special moments you have with your family. Re-bond and indulge in fun activities that are close to your family’s heart. And have a stunning family portrait to remember it by.
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I would really love to meet your family.
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