National Parks Week is just around the corner (28th July – 4th August). July is the perfect time to explore the parks in London, as it is summer, and the perfect excuse to have a picnic and some family fun!
However, many people don’t realise that some of the most beautiful parks are right on their doorstep in London. Yes, there are stunning parks throughout the UK, in regions such as Dartmoor and the Lake District, but the parks in London never really get the recognition that they deserve. I am not talking about St. James’ or Hyde Park, I am referring to the hidden gems of London.
These hidden gems are perfect for romantic afternoons, family get together’s and day outs. So why not make use of your favourite local park to create some memories?
I have listed my top four favourite parks in London, which I have found either by chance, or by recommendation.
1. Holland Park.
I recently photographed an engagement shoot at this park. It is beautiful, and I was awe inspired by the stunning colours that the backdrops provided. It is the ideal place to walk through and experience everything it has to offer, or to enjoy a relaxing pit stop or lunch break away from the office. Holland’s Park is on the Central Line, close to Notting Hill, so the perfect break after shopping on Portobello Road.
Holland Park in London | Portraits | Kim Rix PhotographyHolland Park Engagement | www.kimrixphotography
2. Victoria Park.
One of the bigger parks in London, and most important historic parks. Located close to Mile End, Victoria Park is renowned for music festivals and large events. Victoria Park is perfect for picnics or a relaxing stroll or cycle.
3. Postman’s Park.
This historic park is beautiful and is so called because of it was once popular with workers from the nearby Old General Post Office. It has lots of greenery, but is ideal for an afternoon stroll or to enjoy a quick rest or bite to eat. I love the backdrop of this park, and it is perfect for photography.
4. Pergola and Hill Gardens.
Overlooking Hampstead Heath, this garden is ideal for all seasons, but looks absolutely stunning in the summer. The sun hits it in all the right areas, illuminating its architecture. Ideally located, it offers fantastic views of the city. This venue is perfect for family reunions and engagement shoots.
I love each of these parks for different reasons, and I love exploring London, finding further hidden gems and secret gardens. Do you have any recommendations of parks in London that I should visit? Please email your suggestions to
Thank you!
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