Today I would like to help you to find some family portrait ideas. When working with you and your family, visual elements are key to developing a strong idea of what you are expecting from the final results. On initial consultation, I will ask you to provide a selection of ideas that you would like to implement into your family portrait shoot. It is these visual elements that makes your family portrait shoot unique and bespoke.
Each family portrait is different and each family has their own ideas. And this is what makes my job so interesting, as the visual elements that you provide can tell me a lot about your personality and creativity. However, you may also want to ask for my advice and ideas. Very often, seeing how your captured moments will look through the eyes of the photographer can be very valuable.
I use several places to gain inspiration and family portrait ideas. I feel that it is important to provide input into each portrait session, and I feel that it is imperative that families can rely on my suggestions, and trust my recommendations.
Here are my top five platforms that I use for beautiful, unique and bespoke ideas.
1. Venues and backdrops.
I love London, there are so many hidden gems, which are perfect for portrait photography. I love exploring and discovering stunning parks, iconic buildings and sites, and boutique bars and roof top terraces. These locations add something special to the backdrops of portrait photography, and they will make your images pop. Several locations I have accidentally come across, and explored in my own time, others I have used specifically for photography locations. Either way, I always make sure I carry my camera.
Siblings Children's Photography
2. Pinterest.
The best aspect of Pinterest is that it is completely visual. The images and boards make it very easy to visualise the idea in true form, and envision how it would work within portrait photography. Pinterest makes it easy to gain ideas of colour and prop use – I have come across hundreds of family portrait photography ideas, and I have compiled a few boards to help you, which can be viewed at your leisure.
Family Portrait Ideas-2500
3. Magazines.
I always ask families to provide magazine cuttings. However, as a professional photographer, I also find collecting magazine cuttings and creating mood boards can be useful and inspiring. Browsing magazine shelves is always a good idea. The magazine covers of the likes of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Love Magazine can provide lots of eye catching inspiration, and it is always interesting to see how colour is used for certain portrait shoots.
Family Portrait Ideas-2501Family Portrait Ideas-2502
4. Visit Vintage Fairs.
Visiting furniture fairs can provide lots of exciting ideas for props and backdrops. It is a great way to look at composition and arrangement. I also get to top up on my collection of props. Perfect for vintage and retro photo shoots.
5. Look at what works.
I always draw inspiration from previous portrait shoots, and the final results. Whether it is a particular pose, location or background, which I feel could be implemented into your portraits; I will draw on my successes and make it work for you.
Would you like to discuss your family portrait ideas with me – and see how we can make your memories precious? Email or call 0208 989 4886
Kim Rix
Making Memories Precious