Do you remember your school days? Have you held on to your school portraits? I remember my days in the 1980s at Brudenell School in Amersham only too well. It was memorable because my mother was also a teacher at the school, which seemed to be a source of great amusement to a lot of my fellow classmates.
The teasing was harmless and soon wore off – I really enjoyed making new friends and being at school. Looking at my class school portrait below, I can remember quite a few names, including Mrs Flower, our class teacher, Deborah Gandy, Elena Nicols, Eleanor Jefferies, Paula Thacker, Susannah Kingham, Maria (her surname escapes me, but she was twice as tall as me), Jennifer (she lived near Denham), and Sarah Weetch.
Budenell School Portrait-3376
But sadly, despite my best efforts,  I lost touch with all my school friends within a year or two of finishing school, and people were going to either college, university, or getting jobs. I didn’t make any life-long friends during my school years.
When I look back on it now, more than thirty years later, it seems as though my school years flew by. One minute it was the first day at school, the next minute I was at college, followed by my first job at Wilkinson Sword in High Wycombe….all of which, I consider to be significant moments in my life.  I’m so glad I kept my class school portrait – it’s very precious to me – much more so now than back then.
The point I wish to make is, that these moments are important, and significant in your child’s life. So it is even more important that these moments are captured beautifully and uniquely. School portraits taken at school, though wonderful to have, can be rigid and unimaginative. Through my networking, I’ve had many women tell me that they would like to receive better school portraits from their child’s school.
Hiring a professional children’s photographer yourself means that you can receive a selection of stunning child portraits, that are creative, fun and reflect your child’s personality and spirit that you can document throughout the years.
Hiring a professional photographer, like myself, is a great way to create imaginative, alternative and fun school portraits.
We’re coming to the end of school holidays. If you’re just sorting out your child’s new school uniform, or, for whatever reason your child happens to miss the school portrait day, call me and let me help you with your child’s back to school photography. 0208 989 4886.
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