Do you have a large empty space on the wall above the fireplace just waiting to be decorated with a beautiful significant family portrait? Have you given any thought to what you’d like your memories to say to you, every time you look at that family portrait?
Do you want it to say ‘we’re an outdoor, nature-loving family’ showcasing the alfresco side of your family?  Or, perhaps you would like to showcase your prominent position within in the community, requiring a more formal family portrait, taken at your country estate, which has been in the family for generations?

Flowers and Chandaliers | Kim Rix Photography

Interior Design ideas – using flowers and chandeliers.

As a location photographer covering both North East London and South West Essex, I spend a lot of time researching and sharing ideas for outside and away locations for family portrait shoots, but I have never shared any ideas for family portraits at home. So today I would like to talk about interior design, and I hope that I can inspire you into giving some thought about your backdrop, for taking that ‘significant’ family portrait at home, which is going to be framed and hung, as a statement piece, for all to admire.
Interior design and home ware can create stunning backdrops, and provide a homely and familiar feel to your portraits. You and your family spend much time in your home, and you spend even more time (and money) making it look beautiful, and injecting your personality into it. So isn’t it worth celebrating alongside your family?
I have listed below my top twenty interior design ideas for family portraits at home. These suggestions will look amazing in any room, and will create the perfect homely backdrop.
Candles |

Ideas for family portraits at home – use candles and flowers.

1. Candles – if you have an open, large or winding staircase, place them on each step. The effect is spellbinding.
2. Throws and blankets
3. Cushions
4. Coffee table books (my favourite)
5. Curtains
6. Vases
7. Book shelves filled with books – for a child portrait shoot, filling a white bookshelf with known children stories will look amazing.
8. Flowers and plants – contact One Six Queens in Buckhurst Hill
9. Stand out mirrors
10. Lighting – fairy lights always look great, or try lanterns in the conservatory in the evening.
Floral Bowl |

Interior Design ideas for your photoshoot at home.

11. Clothing rack – hang your family’s favourite outfits, to add personality and individuality.
12. Signs or letters. These are extremely fashionable and can create Vogue appeal into your portraits.
13. Bowl fish tanks. Fill with water and fish for effect, but you can use them for anything. The shape of the bowl is what makes it look great and unique.
14. Bunting – this will look great in the playroom. For extra creativity, you can make it with your children. This activity in itself will make for beautiful portraits.
15. An atlas or globe
16. An antique touch such as an old chair or chest.
17. A water feature will look amazing in the conservatory
18. Bean bags for the children
19. A beautiful tea set, or you can even add afternoon tea.
20. Glassware – this can be used to add pops of colour and style.
Interior staircase | Kim Rix Photography

Utilise the staircase – adorn with flower arrangements or candles up the stairs.

Remember, that you don’t want to take the focus away from you and your family, so my best advice would be to stick to neutral and pastel shades. Shades of whites, pale blues, pinks and yellows, peaches and greens are always beautiful choices, and they usually already match existing decor, meaning that it is the absolute opportunity to redesign.
Want to see how your home can make your family portraits even more special? Get in touch – call me on 0208 989 4886. I’d love to hear from you.
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