Can you believe that it is nearly Christmas already? You are probably already planning your corporate Christmas party.  This year has flown by and it’s scary how quickly time is passing, which is even more a reason to capture those fabulous moments, celebrating the end of the year and all that you have achieved.
Other than the occasional leaving or retirement party, an office party is the ultimate opportunity to gather your clients and colleagues and celebrate each other’s successes. This is the perfect opportunity to capture the perfect Christmas staff portrait.
You’ve chosen the venue, put the drinks on ice, selected the canapés or menus and invited your best clients. However, have you considered hiring a professional portrait photographer? Your corporate Christmas party only comes around once a year, and it the one time that you see your colleagues and clients without their professional heads attached. No one is stressed over deadlines, or broken photocopiers, everyone is out to have fun and looking to the New Year (well, at least until they have to go back into work the following Monday). These are the best times to capture, and create beautiful, fun and creative Christmas portrait photography.

Corporate Christmas Party | Kim Rix Photography

Corporate Christmas party

Professional photography at your office party is also important, as for one evening, you and your office, or department are all together. 2015 is a long while away yet, but people who are in the portraits may not be around next year. They may have left, retired, moved to another position or department, so it’s the memories that are created on the evening of your corporate Christmas party that will be cherished. And think of your colleagues’ face, when they open their Sorry You’re Leaving Card, Retirement or Congratulations card to a memorable moment from the office Christmas party.
Last year, I blogged seven key moments to capture at your corporate Christmas party. This year I have listed my top five activities to incorporate into your corporate Christmas party. Try these for fun Christmas photography ideas that will be the talk of the office for months into the New Year.

1. Champagne fountain or ice sculpture.

Swap the water fountain in the office for a champagne fountain or ice sculpture at the office party. This will become the focal point and water hole for people for most of the evening. These will not only allow you to capture special moments between colleagues, and unique reactions to the prop, a champagne fountain or ice sculpture (though there isn’t anything to say that you can’t have both) will create a wonderfully stunning backdrop, that will make everyone else jealous when they look at your Christmas photos.

2. Photo booth.

You and your colleagues will have lots of fun with a photo booth, and the props and costumes included. As a professional photographer in London, I will capture your reactions as you look at your photos, and I may even creep into the booth with you to capture your reactions, which I am sure will be simply brilliant.

3. Cocktail classes or a wine tasting.

These are brilliant activities, which helps you bond with your colleagues. You will have fun looking back over your Christmas photos, as you become tipsier as the evening progresses. The series of mini portraits that are created will make a fabulous Christmas, leaving or wedding present when mounted into an album.

4. Secret Santa.

This is a fantastic activity, which everyone can get involved in. You will be able to capture those unexpected moments, reactions, emotions and facial expressions once a present is open. Secret Santa will make your Christmas portrait photography fun, emotional, often hilarious and real. You will revisit those happy moments, each time you look at the portraits.

5. Hold a theme.

Themes are a fantastic way of getting everyone involved and in the party spirit. Themes also make for fun Christmas photography. Imagine a beautiful portrait of your entire office dressed up in the theme of your choice. You can use themed decorations for backdrops and themed props for a little extra creativity.

Whether, this year, you have been promoted, started a new job, or even launched your own company, Christmas is a time to let your hair down, open a bottle of champagne or two, and spend time with your work friends outside of the working environment for no other reason than it’s Christmas.
If you are planning a Christmas bash and would like to explore having your corporate Christmas party photographed, dial 020 8989 4886) or email for a quick chat to see how I can help you.
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