Well here’s 2015 – all new and full of possibilities. When I look back at 2014, I think, all-in-all a good year full of learning curves and collaborations. Of course there were a few mistakes in there, but let’s face it, mistakes are good as they teach us what not to do next time – and ad to those all-important learning curves.
One of the biggest, overall changes has been my move to focus on Portrait Photography (although weddings and events are still more than welcome). To that end my web site was given a face-lift to reflect my services for family portrait photography in London.
My highlights of 2014…..
Headshot Photography
I find it surprising how many business owners and successful careerists still don’t have an  up-to-date headshot; a good head and shoulders photograph of a person smiling into the camera can make all the difference to how people perceived you in person and online. So I was really happy when 2014 was full of a lot of headshot photography. I got to meet and help some truly interesting people and successful CEOs.
The outcome is that 2015 is going to be a ‘headshot photography’ year for me. So much so that I am adding a monthly Headshot Day to my list of services as a quick-fire, cost effective way to enable local business people to get a really great promotional headshot.
A Centenarian and Family Portraits
In April, my Granny celebrated her 100th birthday. Naturally, I couldn’t miss this fantastic opportunity to take a family portrait.
Pink Flamingos, Hummingbirds …. And Dinosaurs
In May my husband and I went to Cuba. I had my heart set on photographing the pink flamingos – but before we went, I was advised by a naturist expert that it was likely to be too late in the season – but I chose to ignore his advice and booked the trip regardless. Disappointingly, his information turned out to be completely true – I could barely get close enough to the flamingos to photograph them. However, looking on the bright side instead of flamingos I had an amazing experience with a Hummingbird.

Hummingbird | Kim Rix Photography

Occasionally the Emerald Hummingbird posed for me. Cuba 2014.

London Wedding | Kim Rix Photography

Dionne & Dennis’s wedding in Streatham, London, June 2014.

May was also time to have a pre-wedding shoot with Dionne and Dennis. Having met this lovely couple back in November 2013, in May we took the opportunity to get to know each other a little better when I took them to Holland Park. Their wedding was in June and, to make their wedding even more memorable, we created an ‘extreme’ wedding photograph. Argh, it’s the wedding party being chased by a dinosaur.
Dinosaur wedding | Kim Rix Photography

Extreme Photography – The Jurassic Wedding! June 2014.

Engagement Portraits | Kim Rix Photography

Pre-wedding photography in Holland Park, London. 2014

Tour De France | Kim Rix Photography

The Year That was 2014 – The Tour de France came to South Woodford. July 2014.

Happy Birthday and Oh La La
July arrived and it was time for my annual Summer BBQ. A smashing event where I get to reconnect with clients and they get to mingle with my friends and business associates. It was a beautiful warm day and more than 70 guests attended.
The Tour de France came to South Woodford in July. What a great occasion – and not being one to miss an opportunity to take some event or action photography I took my step ladder and waited in position for 3 hours to get the perfect shot! The waiting paid off as the images were published in 3 separate issues of the local Guardian newspaper. Oh La La.
Baby Portrait | Kim Rix Photography

Photography Highlight 2014 – The Essex Baby Show and the beautiful baby competition.

Adoption Photography
August is where a wonderful and personally rewarding collaboration started. It’s something I had not considered before, but it’s definitely something I want to become more involved with – Adoption Photography. Afterall, I was adopted myself at just 6 months old.
Working with the adoption unit at Dagenham County Council I had to photograph a young blind boy. The adoption unit needs excellent photographs to help ‘market’ the children and, hopefully, find foster or adoptive families.
This is something I am really looking forward to working on again in 2015.
On the Piste
Some of you may be aware that I have a successful background in event management so September was a great month. It allowed me to join two passions – photography and events – in one activity. This was a collaboration with Prestigious Venues. I photographed their Prestigious Star Awards and attended a ski trip with them to photograph one of their Member venues.
Star Awards 2014 | Kim Rix Photography

The Year That Was 2014 – The Prestigious Star Awards, November 2014

Weddings and Babies
November was the month of interesting wedding photography and baby photography. The unofficial but extremely beautiful wedding ceremony took place in the Shard at night. Later that month I was the official photographer for the Essex Baby Show. I photographed 52 babies in 4 hours. Phew! But the results speak for themselves.
Shard Wedding | Kim Rix Photography

The Year That Was 2014 – I photographed a wedding ceremony held in the Viewing Gallery in the Shard.

It’s Christmas
December was very busy with Christmas photography, which took me around the UK to Dunstable, Braxted Park, Birmingham, London and Manchester. I had never seen a snow globe before, or a 16ft high santa chair. It was a totally new experience for me!
So that’s The Year That Was 2014, and those were the definite highs and opportunities for collaboration.
The Year That Was 2014 | Kim Rix Photography

Christmas images for hotel Maiensee, St Christoph, Austria 2014.

What were the highs and lows of your 2014? Did you capture any of those memories in photographs?
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