Ah, February – the month of love. What can be more an expression of love than a photograph of you with the person, pet or thing(s) you love the most; yes, those thing(s) can be a car, a soft toy, a Dalek, absolutely anything – as long as you love it!
But how do you ensure that the photograph you have taken provides you with portraits that truly reflect your love and precious memories?
Here are my top five tips for ensuring you get the Love Is In The Air portrait photographs you really want.
1. Cut and Paste – Buy yourself an A4 exercise book. Every time you see a picture you like in a magazine, cut it out and paste it in the book. This means that, when you are speaking with a photographer, you have ideas you can show them to illustrate the type of photographs you like and would want.
2. Create a Brief for the Photographer – Let’s say you have just got engaged, and you are going to throw an engagement party for all your friends to help you celebrate. Your event brief for the photographer should include a list of shots you would like to be taken, for example, any specific poses or persons you would like to be photographed with.
Engagement Portraits | Kim Rix Photography.co.uk
3. Meet the Photographer on Location – You’ve been married for sixty years, and you would like to have a Diamond Wedding Anniversary Portrait taken. Decide where you want the portrait photographs to be taken; in your home, a place of significance like ‘where you got engaged’ for example– and meet the photographer on location for a consultation. By meeting at the location you and the photographer will be able to walk round and check potential spaces that can be used for your photography. It will also give the photographer the opportunity to explain any ideas they have for capturing engagement portraits that you may not have considered.
Anniversary Portrait | www.kimrixphotography.co.uk
4. Prioritise Your List of Shots – Whether you are having Engagement Portraits, Anniversary Portraits or a Pet & Owner Portrait. Time can sometimes run away with itself during a photo-shoot, so make sure the photographer knows which shots are top of your priority list. You may want to divide the brief you prepare for the photographer into ‘Must have’ and ‘Would like to have’ portrait photographs. You don’t want the photographer to miss the opportunity of photographing you the way you want.
Pet Portraits | www.kimrixphotography.co.uk
5. Collaborate – Portrait photography is a collaborative effort with you and the photographer working closely together to ensure the right photographs get taken in the right way on the day. It also calls for team work after the photo-shoot; creating the album or deciding on which prints and keepsakes will be best for you.
By working with your photographer you will be sure to get photographs that truly reflect you and your loved one.
Give me a call if you’d like to capture you and your pet or thing(s) you love the most!
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