If you and your partner have been together for a little while, sometimes it can be a little bit difficult to break out of a routine and plan something amazing for Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t have to be that difficult though. I’ve put together three Valentines Day ideas for an alternative date that will be both fun and a little bit out of the ordinary.
So read on, take your pick and plan the best date you’ve had in ages!
Date 1 – A Night at the Casino
Order cocktails, spin the roulette wheel, place a few sure bets and impress your date.
You don’t have to be a pro, to play! It’s all about the confidence, appearance and persona. You must dress the part – gentlemen, don your best suit, and ladies, wear a cocktail dress.
Don’t take a night at the casino too seriously, just enjoy the excitement of the games and the company of your partner.
If you can pay for drinks with your winnings, great! Maybe if you’re really lucky – you’ll scoop up enough to pay for dinner later – courtesy of lady luck. But if lady luck doesn’t benefit your wallet – she’ll most certainly give you an evening to remember.
I can’t guarantee that you’ll win every bet with a night at the casino, but I can tell you that your date is guaranteed to have a great time in your company.
Date 2 – Learning to Juggle
This is a personal favourite of mine. Particularly for sunnier days, but don’t worry if you can’t do it just yet – Spring is just around the corner.
Take your date to the library or the bookshop and get some books on juggling.  Next, purchase two sets of juggling balls and head to the park.  Yes, I know it’s very simple, but often the most fun dates are the ones that are the simplest.
At the park, stretch out a blanket to mark out your area.  Now you’re going to try to learn to juggle, both of you.  Sounds easy enough, throwing and catching balls and then throwing them again.  But it’s absolutely hilarious because the balls end up going everywhere.  There will also have been a lot of laughter!
This is a fun date, not too serious – very relaxed.  Finish off by having a picnic lunch and drinking a little champagne and enjoying the sunshine together.
Date 3 – A portrait photography session
This is an amazing date if you’ve been together a little while. Especially if you keep wondering why you don’t have any great pictures of the two of you around your home. A date with a portrait photographer will definitely put an end to those wonderings.
All you need to do is book a couple of hours with a photographer at a location of your choosing. Bring along your best smile and let your photographer take care of making you look amazing (and believe me they will).
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Because this is something special you and your partner are doing together, you will forget that the photographer is even there. That is when the most magical photos are taken. With a lasting set of portraits this really will be a date to remember. Once you’ve had your portrait photography session you’ll get a link to review the photographs online. Grab a bottle of wine and you’ve got the makings of a second date right there!
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So there you have it. Three very different valentines day ideas that will hopefully give you a little bit of inspiration for a really amazing and romantic Valentine’s date this year.
Interested in how you can make a portrait photography session for you and your partner an amazing Valentine’s date? Contact me here or give me a call on 0208 989 4886.
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