Last week I was at an event where I was taking professional headshots of the women who were attending. Having looked at the attendee biography sheet in advance, one of the things that struck me is how many people really needed to update their professional headshot.
I’ve written before about the need for a consistent and professional photo for you to use on your website and other online platforms. However, today I want to give you five good reasons why this is the week to finally get your headshot sorted out.
1 – You’ve changed!
Not in a bad way, but it does happen to us all.
The average life span of a professional headshot is 18 months to 2 years. Any older than that and it’s very possible that your haircut, glasses or even your weight may have changed. Make sure your headshot reflects you.
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2 – It’s a great investment
Although there is a finite time that headshots can be used for, they remain a great investment. A photo session with a professional photographer will be somewhere in the region of £150 – £450.
When you break that down and think about the number of places that photo is going to go, website, social media accounts, business cards, promotional materials – getting a professional headshot done works out a great investment.
3 – People spend more time looking at pictures
On the subject of the number of places that you can use your headshot – remember when it comes to your website, people spend much more time looking at that picture than they do reading words.
Knowing this to be the case, make sure you take advantage of it and get the best and most professional headshot that you can on your website. A photographer will absolutely be able to help you out here.
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4 – People do business with people
So why is it important to get the best picture that you can on your website?
Remember that people do business with people (not faceless websites). When you have a professional headshot of yourself on your website it already starts building trust between you and your prospective client.
Because they have seen a picture of you, they’re much more likely to trust your business and ultimately buy from you.
5 – It’s convenient
Getting a professional headshot done doesn’t have to be one of those jobs that keeps slipping down your to do list.
I have all the equipment necessary in South Woodford.  I appreciate you are someone who needs to get the job done but don’t have masses of time to get it done in. Give me a call and I’ll fit you in.
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