Are you struggling to think of ideas for Mothers Day gifts? Sometimes it feels like we’re on a gift buying treadmill for the people that we love in our lives, and when we’re on that treadmill it can feel like we keep going through the same boring cycles of chocolates and flowers.  I want to tell you that things don’t have to be that way.
There are so many options open to you if you want to get your mum a really meaningful present this Mother’s Day. Here are three ideas to help you out.
1 – Turn your family photos into keepsakes
Autumn Portraits in the Park
We often have our very own favourite photographs floating around the house, and either have no idea or no space to put them anywhere. If this sounds like your mother why not surprise her this Mother’s Day with her very own personalised keepsake.
You could turn a wonderful moment or memory into something as simple as a mug or a jigsaw puzzle for your mum to enjoy. Why not find out about the full list of Mothers Day Gifts available to you here.
2 – Get some pictures taken of her favourite pet
Eirlys and her horse
This is a great idea if your mum has a favourite pet. It’s true that we are a nation of animal lovers, but not many people capture the bond and love they have with their pets on camera.
Pets are as much a part of the family as anyone else, so it seems silly that we don’t capture images of them to have as keep sakes. If your mum has got a favourite pet (or pets) then why not treat her to a pets and owners photography session to really capture some beautiful pictures of the two of them.
Find out more about how to capture wonderful memories for your mum with her favourite animals here.
3 – Treat her to a portrait photography session
The very best way to treat your mum this year. Nothing says that you care like capturing new memories with your mum, and a bespoke photography session is one of the best ways to do this together.
Gather your mum and your siblings and book in for a personal portrait photography session to capture some magical memories and create something that she will cherish forever. One of my bespoke portrait photography sessions would be the sort of experience that would really capture the love your family have for one another.
Acrylic Gift | Kim Rix Photography
I’ve written before about how mums shut the spotlight and always seem to be the ones taking the photographs. It’s time to really treat your mum with something very special indeed.
What better than a happy memory she can keep forever?
Kim Rix Photography
Making Memories Precious