As a professional photographer, I always enjoy listening and benefiting from the experience of other photographers. No two photographers are the same, so it’s amazing what tips or new tricks you can pick up.
I specialise in family portrait photography, but I take an interest in other areas of photography too. Before launching my professional photography business, I enjoyed attending wildlife photography workshops organised by and They were both an excellent source of learning, as well as fun.
Recently, I have started to enjoy learning about Astrophotography. Having ventured to the Arctic Circle last year to successfully photograph the Northern Lights, I’ve developed a taste for photographing the night sky.
Just before Christmas, I visited the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2014 exhibition in Greenwich. The photography is phenomenal – I felt truly inspired to up my game!
So last month, I attended a seminar called ‘Photographing the Night Sky’ presented by Astrophotographer, Nik Szymanek. It was hosted at the Wex Photographic Showroom in Norwich. 10/10 for recommendation – the two hour drive was well worth it.
Presenting a slideshow, Nik showed us photos he had taken explaining the stories behind them. He talked about photographing star-trails and the constellations to taking deep close-up images of the Milky-Way and Nebula. I really enjoyed listening to his stories, especially those about his experience of Astrophotography before the days of the DSLR.  His recent magazine is a really good read – check it out – Shooting Stars.
Nik Szymanek and Kim Rix AstroFest 2015
I met-up with Nik again at Astrofest 2015, who very kindly gave me his valuable time and a lot of advice about buying telescopes. So since then, I’ve been glued to the TV, watching Horizon documentaries by Professor Brian Cox, trying to learn as much as possible about the solar system. There’s another excellent documentary series hosted by renowned physicist Stephen Hawking which I’ve enjoyed.
I’m a professional portrait photographer at heart because I love working with people. However, I think it’s really important to have other interests. It’s not the cheapest hobby (my husband is thrilled to bits NOT), but Astrophotography really excites me. It’s a hobby for the weekends, as a way of meeting and socialising with other photographers. Spending time with Nik Szymanek was such a blessing, and has fuelled my interest in photographing the Night Sky even further. I’m confident that my new hobby will help me to become a better photographer!
Don’t forget, there’s a partial solar eclipse on 20th March!
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