Following on from my recent blog post about how to create successful images for marketing, today’s post comes with a similar message. It is all about making sure your that brand is highly visible to raise your profile. A great way to do this is to sponsor an event.
Last week my event photography services were required by Laura Taylor-Vann , an experienced makeup artist and proud owner of Maison Du Vann. Laura sponsored the drinks reception at a high profile charity event, and she required images for press and online marketing.
The event at The Press Nightclub was hosted by one of Britain’s best loved and well-known actresses, Barbara Windsor MBE.
My photography brief was to capture Laura Taylor-Vann with Barbara Windsor and any other celebrities, as well as capture the essence of the evening. The images would be used on the Maison Du Vann web site and social media.
I particularly focussed my efforts on capturing the Maison Du Vann presence at the event. Capturing Barbara Windsor with Maison Du Vann’s logo was a bonus!

Barbara Windsor MBE |

Barbara Windsor standing in front of Maison Du Vann logo

Laura Taylor-Vann| www.kimrixphotography

Laura Taylor-Vann and Barbara Windsor

I love a bit of variety

The girls selling ‘I Love A Bit Of Variety T-Shirts

Ray Quinn|

Laura Taylor-Vann and Ray Quinn (X-factor winner, 2006)

Laura Taylor-Vann  |

Laura Taylor-Vann and Tiger Lilly PR

Ray Quinn | Kim Rix Photography

X-Factor’s Ray Quinn Performing on Stage.

Variety Charity |

Barbara Windsor MBE presenting a gift.

Barbara’s campaign called ‘I Love A Bit of Variety’ Celebrity T-shirt Campaign is raising funds from selling the t-shirts, to help thousands of sick, disabled and disadvantaged children across the UK who are supported by Variety, the children’s charity.
Of course, I took the opportunity to buy my t-shirt as a little memento. You too can buy your ‘I Love A Bit of Variety’ T-shirt from
If you are planning to sponsor an event and want to hear more examples of how I’ve helped businesses raise their profile, connect with me on LinkedIn.
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