I recently came across an article detailing a wonderful pet and owner portrait photography project set up by professional pet and owner photographer Theron Humphrey.
Buzzfeed News described that Theron Humphrey has compiled 50 stories from across the US about the stories people told about why they chose to adopt their pets. The series was created to help raise awareness of shelter animals and make people think twice when choosing their pet.
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Reading this article was extremely touching, and made me think about the pet and owner portrait photography that I create. I love capturing unique and fun portraits between pets and their owners. The portraits that I capture beautifully reflect the unconditional bond between them, which is indescribable.
What stole my attention, was the stories told by the owners, who had adopted an animal. I love listening to the stories of how my client and their pet came to meet, as this helps me understand the bond and relationship, and allows me to create personal, unique and fun photography.
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It’s these stories that make the animals’ journey extremely unique, and allows them to cherish their owners love all the more. There is something incredibly touching when a pet has been rescued or adopted. Taken away from a terrible situation, or re-homed due to various circumstances.
Though America is much bigger than we are, the UK still has an epidemic of stray and rescued animals, with 345 new stray dogs discovered every day, and that is only dogs. Think about the cats, and reptiles and rodents that are mistreated, let free to survive or turned into a home. Many do not make it and some animals are unable to be re-homed due to behavioural issues or ongoing problems.
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There are many fantastic animal shelters operating in the London and Essex areas, including K-9 Angels, Hornchurch Animal Rescue and Golden Oldies.
I want to create a similar project to Therons’ with you and your animal. How did you meet your pet? IF you didn’t get them as a puppy, what’s their background, their story? I want to tell it, and share it, whilst capturing stunning pet and owner portrait photography that you will cherish forever. Your stories will be published, and your story will help owners throughout the UK treasure their pets and in turn, tell their pets story.
Whether you have a pedigree Afghan Hound, which was imported, a French Bulldog from birth or a Labrador rescued, I want to hear from you. Call 020 8989 4886 or email: info (@) kimrixphotography.co.uk – Thank you.
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