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1st Birthday Portrait Photography in the bluebell wood.

This time last year, I took Baby Olivia to the Bluebell wood in Wanstead for her first birthday portrait photography photo-shoot. It was a relatively straight-forward relaxing photoshoot because Olivia hadn’t yet taken her first steps. I focussed on capturing her expressions of curiosity as she sat and picked at the bluebells.
To celebrate Olivia’s 2nd birthday, we went to one of my favourite locations, Valentines Park in Ilford, Essex. Her mum chose to do three outfit changes – and we added bubbles to capture a little fun!
Birthday Portrait Photography

We added bubbles to the mix, to capture fun.

This time, Olivia was fully mobile and an independent explorer. In full wandering mode, I could barely keep up with her – she wouldn’t stand still for a moment, or look in the same direction for more than a few seconds.  Giving her a basic command was useless.
It was a real test of patience and I hadn’t anticipated I’d have to move so fast – it was exhausting work! She’s become such a free-spirit with big personality! There was no mistaking, Olivia was in control of the photoshoot and I had to work with her, not the other way around.
Baby Portrait London | Kim Rix Photography

Close-up baby portrait photography.

Her hair has grown so much in a year and she has gorgeous long curls now. Not yet able to have a two-way conversation, Olivia amuses and talks to herself. Her face was so expressive. She has such a cheeky grin and her smile melted my heart.
I just went with the flow and captured Olivia running around, climbing on the park bench, chasing the bubbles and picking petals off the flowers. It was all very natural, spontaneous, high-speed photography (emphasis on the ‘high-speed’).
I have been extremely fortunate in that I have watched baby Olivia from the very beginning of her life. She’s been such a delight to photograph right from day one. I have taken her portrait a several major milestones – newborn, 6 months, 1 year and now 2 years old.
Birthday Baby Girl |

High-speed photography! Trying to photograph and keep up with Olivia.

I appreciate that a first birthday is one of the biggest milestones, however, a second birthday is just as monumental, in my opinion. Personally speaking, it is still just as important to plan the photoshoot, so that my clients get the portrait they want to put on the wall.
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Birthday Portrait Photography with babies and toddlers can be tiring, but it’s very rewarding especially. I love that my office can be in your home, or a location as pretty as Valentines Park in Ilford. And, I get to spend quality time with you and your family.
If you are looking to make some wonderful wall portraits and would like me to capture your baby’s first or second birthday in London or Essex, give me a shout.  Call me on 0208 989 4886.
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