Do you believe first impressions are important? Did you know that it takes between 3 and 5 seconds for an individual to form a first impression? I bet that was much quicker than you thought.
Have you thought about what sort of things count towards the first impression that you or indeed your business gives? Perhaps it’s the things you say about yourself, or maybe what others say about you?
Whilst both of those things are important, the number one thing that people pay attention to when introduced to someone or something new is images. Indeed most studies show first impressions are largely formed on what is seen in the first few seconds.

Marketing Images |

Professional images taken for marketing & promotion of One Six Queens, high-end Florist.

If you want to make a killer first impression for your business, regardless of where your audience finds you, make sure you pay attention to these three things.
Don’t skimp on quality
It’s very easy now that nearly everyone has a smart phone and access to the internet to get very complacent about how we create image online. In fact Jay Baer, a big name in the social media space, has three very interesting ideas as to why we get complacent.
Pay attention to the details
Headshot Photography |

A first impression could be created by your headshot on LinkedIn.

Paying attention to the little details can be difference between photos which make an OK first impression and pictures that really wow your prospective clients and customers.
See the headshots above, and the portrait below of the little girl running. If you’re taking the picture think about how your subject fits into the frame. Are you going to have them bang in the middle, squarely facing the camera or are you going to have them slightly off centre, creating a more compelling image?
If anything this will be the difference between an image that gives a great first impression, or an image that is just an image.
Baby Girl |

Photographing children – think about how your subject fits into the frame – square to camera or slightly off frame? Be aware of distractions in the background.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help
If you want to make sure that no matter when you’re making first impressions – your website, an advert, or a social channel like LinkedIn – make sure you are creating the images that do you justice.
As a professional photographer I’d be more than happy to help you get started in the right direction. You can contact me here or visit my website