It’s no secret that your website is now the store front to the world. We live in an increasingly digitized society and the bricks and mortar businesses from before are now going online.
That means that above all one of the biggest investment you will make as a business is your website. So if most average website viewers only stay on a page for 10 – 20 seconds, how do you keep them interested and engaged…
The human brain is wired to respond to images so take advantage of that and ensure that you populate your website with really great quality images that show off your business and what you do.

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If you make products, showcase them on your web site. Use authentic images.

This won’t be without pitfalls so here are probably the two most helpful tips I can give you when it comes to photographs for your website below.
1 – DO – Make sure your images help your business sell
We’ve all heard that a picture paints a thousand words. I believe that this is true, however what does that mean in practice for your website?
When you were setting up your website you probably spent a lot of time working on the text, making sure that it had all of your key selling messages and ensuring all of the packages and products that you offer as a business are there too.
Comparatively how much time did you spend making sure you had the best possible images for your website? I bet it’s nowhere near as much.
The fact of the matter is that the things that are the most easily available we buy. So if you use your website images to showcase your products, showcase your customers success and really illustrate who you are and what you do well – you as a business are making yourself more easily available and thereby much more likely to ensure people buy from you.
The concept is explained more fully here in this short video by Tai Lopez– but it’s an important one so don’t forget it.
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Do you run conferences or training days? it is better to use professional photography and be authentic to showcase the work you do.

2 – DON’T – Over use stock images if at all possible
So if you want to use images as much as possible to help your business sell there are certain images you should avoid if possible.
You are probably familiar with stock images for two reasons.
1 – They are the easiest good quality images to find for using online.
2 – They’re on everybody else’s website as well.
It’s this second point I really want to pick up on. Lots of stock images are widely used and used poorly as well. It can often be easier and cheaper in the long run to hire in a photographer to take good quality images for your website (You need only look at these examples from Hubspot of poorly used stock images).
Don’t fall into the sort of trap many people do of thinking it’s cheaper and thereby better to use stock images. In the process you’ll lose the uniqueness of your business and end up looking like everyone else.
Call me – 0208 989 4886 – if you are thinking about having professional photography for your web site.
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