If you’ve been reading some of my posts over recent weeks you’ll be aware that I’ve been talking a lot about reasons why you shouldn’t be skimping on your photography for PR, marketing and other business uses.
Not only does it help you and your business to create a great first impression with prospective clients and customers, it can help build trust and rapport with your audience – especially if you’re an online-based business.
So now you’ve taken the plunge and decided to hire a professional photographer to help you capture the right side of your business. How can you get the best results and ensure that they do the best job they possibly can for you? Let me try to explain.
It’s a lot to do with how you brief a photographer. This doesn’t need to be as daunting or scary as it sounds, like with everything that I’ve mentioned already in this article it comes down to preparation and having a clear idea of what you want to achieve in your mind.

NHS Change Day 2015 | Kim Rix Photography

NHS Change Day 2015. This was a hugely successful event. The Photography brief was images for PR & Marketing.

When it comes down to effectively communicating your vision to the photographer I always think that answering the “who, what, where, when and how” questions usually give enough indication of what you want to achieve with your images.
TIP 1: Telling the photographer who or what they will be photographing will ensure that they have the right sort of equipment with them to capture the subject in the best light.
TIP 2: Telling the photographer where and when is obvious for the logistics for the shoot – however, they might suggest changing the location for issues around lighting or another technical reason you might not have thought of.
TIP3: Finally tell the photographer how you want the image to turn out. Be as clear as possible with them what you want your photograph to say, and ensure they know what you intend to use the images for.
I can’t stress enough how important it is to brief a photographer properly. I always ask for a written brief so that there is no room for doubt. As with all business relationships, if you can communicate what you want effectively and clearly at the beginning, you are much more likely to get it as the end result.
If you stick to these three tips all you now need to do is sit back and let the professional photographer do their job. Believe me, taking this route will save you a lot of time, money and hassle.
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