As the summer gets into full swing we start thinking about how we can capture memories from this time of year with all of the people we love.
You probably won’t be surprised to know that the family pet is quite often included within these memories (they are part of the family after all).
Autumn Portraits in the Park
Some of the most fun photo shoots I get to do as part of my job include photographing pets and their owners. If you’re thinking of getting some timeless portraits of you and your pets I’ve listed below three possible locations for photographing pets and their owners in London.
1 – The Royal Parks
The Royal Parks are some of the most wonderful and open green spaces in London. You have your pick to choose from, they cover Green Park, St James Park, Regents Park and Hyde Park. They each have their own unique features from the word famous corner of Hyde Park and not forgetting the large zoo in the middle of Regents Park.
Admittedly, the Royal Parks aren’t the best place for photographing any pet (I wouldn’t recommend bringing your pet rabbit along for example), but the open spaces really lend themselves to capturing beautiful pets and owners photographs of dogs.
Owner & Pet Portraits Essex Dog Show
2 – On the River
One of the features that is often taken for granted in London is the river Thames. There is so much nature and activity around it that you can find so many beautiful places to act as a stunning background for photographs of you and your pet.
This is an especially pretty place to capture a beautiful memory if this is somewhere that you often visit with your pet. If you regularly walk your dog along the river, think of the most picturesque places that you could have your photograph taken of you and your pet.
Horse Portrait |
3 – At Home
Finally one of the places we often overlook when it comes to taking photographs of pets and owners is to do it at the family home. It always has a certain intimacy around the photograph that can be missed in other photography locations. During the summer if you have a pretty garden any piece of green space can act as a get photography backdrop.
Aside from the location being more intimate for pets and owner photography, it also doesn’t matter what sort of pet is photographed there. Although it’s not always the first place people think of as an innovative place for photography, it can be the most relaxed for both pets and owners.
Pet Portrait |
If you’re inspired to capture some beautiful images of you and your pet that will create real and lasting memories, take a look at some of the pet photography I’ve previously done – with children and adults.
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