My client, from Brentwood, Essex was looking for a baby portrait photographer, to help her create a beautiful calendar of baby portraits to give to her parents as a gift. She wanted to have 12 portraits of her 6 month old baby boy, dressed differently for each month.
One of the most popular keepsakes with my clients is the one-year baby portrait book. This portrait book contains twelve portraits usually taken from three or four separate photo-sessions (part of a first year baby portrait plan).  Although the baby calendar is a wonderful gift idea, I had my doubts about the practicalities of doing twelve outfit changes in one photo session.  Speaking from past experience; it has been difficult to accomplish more than a couple of outfit changes with such a young baby.  Nevertheless, I was keen to try it out to see if it could be done.
It was a fun photo session, and surprisingly, very successfully executed. Both parents helped to drive the session forward – dad was in charge of changing the background and positioning the props, and mummy managed the outfit changes.  We managed all 12 costumes in less than three hours. There were a lot of grumpy looks and more than a few unhappy baby shrieks, but surprisingly and thankfully, there very few tears during each outfit change.
The baby calendar ideas were the parents. The monthly themes included a Valentines Baby for February, Easter bunny baby for April, summer baby for July, Halloween baby for October, and Christmas baby for December – and there were a few other themes which were meaningful to the family such as a birthday and football. The final costume, the little knitted cap and bag was from my own box of baby outfits/props.

Baby Calendar |

Valentines baby

Baby Calendar | Kim Rix Photography

Baby Chewaka

Baby Calendar | www.kimrixphotography

Sporty Baby – baby calendar ideas

Easter Baby |Kim Rix Photography

Easter Baby

Baby Pumpkin | Kim Rix Photography

Pumpkin Baby – baby calendar ideas

Buzz Lightyear | Kim Rix Photography

Baby Buzz Lightyear

Baby Calendar | Kim Rix Photography

Daddy’s Baby

Baby Calendar | Kim Rix Photography

Birthday Baby

Baby Calendar |

Mummy’s Baby

Beach Baby |

Summer Beach Baby – baby calendar ideas

Christmas Baby | kim Rix Photography

Santa Baby

Baby Portrait | Kim Rix Photography

November Baby

Many thanks to the parents for allowing me to showcase these baby portraits on my web site and blog. I think my favourite portrait of the session has to be mother and baby portrait below. It was by far the biggest smile we saw all afternoon – I can’t imagine why!
Mother and Baby | Kim Rix Photography

Mother and Baby

If you have your own baby calendar ideas and would like to give me a call to discuss them, I would be delighted to hear from you. Telephone 020 8989 4886.
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