It’s true, we’re now taking more pictures than ever before. And when I say more pictures I mean really mean it. There are now more pictures taken every two minutes, than pictures taken between 1800 and 1899.
A quick scroll through most Facebook timelines will also show you that one of our favourite things to do is photograph is our kids. With good reason too, we love them and want to ensure we have plenty of memories that we can treasure.
I’ve been working as a Baby and New born photographer for many years now. The first year of a baby’s life is filled with milestones. If you want to capture of the important memories these are definitely the ones to start with.
First days
Are your prepared to bring your child home from the hospital for the first time? Those early days are filled with emotions, happiness and joy but also nerves are quite normal.

Newborn baby |

Newborn baby portrait taken at the hospital. First moments of life.

The first few days and weeks of your baby’s first year can be the most tender to capture. This is when they are incredibly small and delicate. You will want to ensure that if you’re having a photoshoot it’s well prepared (some have even said they require as much preparation as a wedding).
I’ve worked with many mums who have been shy about getting in front of the camera, especially so soon after giving birth. However, I can assure you that these early pictures of mother and child are ones to be treasured.
Your baby smiles
Whilst capturing the tenderness of a new baby in the home, there is nothing quite like capturing the joy of a baby’s first genuine smile on camera.
Did you know that babies have a reflex smile? New born babies have a reflex smile for the first two months of their life, but after this starts to disappear then your baby will start to have their first genuine smile. This is most likely to be in place at about three months old.
Once your baby is smiling you’ll definitely want to capture these happy memories. If you’re struggling to get your baby to smile for the camera, you might find this article useful.
Baby Boy Portrait | Kim Rix Photography

Your baby is starting to smile.

Your baby walks
Aside from smiles and first words what would you want to capture in a photograph? For me it would be starting to walk – those are the most important moments of your young child’s life. Although babies don’t tend to walk independently before their first birthday they can take their first steps from nine months.
When your baby is able to hold themselves upright or walk with the aid of an adult this can be a time to get lots of really interesting photographs of your baby that can be quite different to the normal roster of baby photos.
Baby boy | Kim Rix Photography

I’m almost ready to walk.

It’s an important time in a baby’s development that isn’t often photographed as much as their first few weeks or their first birthday. You don’t want to miss out on capturing the memory, believe me.
Essex Baby Portrait |

This baby’s portrait was taken in Valentines Park, Essex.

Your baby has their first birthday
This is something you’ve probably been thinking about. It’s the milestone that most people photograph and an important one too. Of all of the milestones first birthdays are some of my favourites to photograph, because of the personality that is evident in children by this point.
And one thing you might now have thought about is this. First birthdays are a brilliant reason to bring the family together and you can capture a happy memory of the family together, as well as another milestone in your baby’s first year.
Cake Smash | Kim Rix Photography

The cake-smash birthday treat.

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