There are many important times in a child’s life, but there is one event in particular that many will experience for the first time in just a few weeks from now.
The first day at school.
Sometimes it feels like it can be a big and scary event, but it doesn’t have to be.
Thinking back to my days at Naphill primary school, way back in the 1970’s, I remember Mrs Smythe and Mrs Vicars. I can visualize and hear their voices, but there’s no way I can recall my actual first day at school.
In my time as a professional photographer I’ve photographed many first days, and they always go better than you expect. But here are 3 important things I’ve learnt not to forget when capturing the memories of a first day at school.
1 – Don’t forget your part in this day
One thing that many parents or guardians forget is that they also share a part in this first day at school.
You’ve played a big part in getting your child this far and it’s something that you should be proud of. A first day at school can often be more of an emotional milestone for a parent.
Make sure that you take the time to have pictures taken with your child on the day they head to school. It’s highly recommended, as the pictures are very likely to become keepsakes.
2 – Don’t be afraid to stage a shot
So here is something to remember. The morning of your children going off to school for the first time is going to be incredibly busy and incredibly stressful.
I’m going to give you permission to cheat. You don’t have to take the first day at school photograph just before you bundle them into the car. In fact you shouldn’t. Do not be afraid to stage the photograph if you need to.
Remember that you’re photographing them reaching a key point in their life, not just a particular day – so it doesn’t matter if you have a practice run with them first. They’re going to need to try on their school uniform ahead of time anyway.
3 – Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it
This tip follows on from my last. There is a lot of pressure to make sure that a day like this, when your child goes to school for the first time, is perfect and goes without a hitch.
It’s pretty unlikely that things will go completely to plan. Life gets in the way!
What I can assure you is that it’s OK to ask for help if you need it. It can be difficult enough to organise a group of children on the best day, let alone one that is emotionally charged like a first day at school.
If you want an extra pair of hands to help you plan ahead and capture that perfect first day at school memory that you and your child will treasure forever you can get in touch here.
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Kim Rix
Making Memories Precious