So that’s it, the summer’s over. Here we are in mid-September already. We’ve all started to trudge back to work or school.
There are plenty of people who think it’s a glum time of year, with the nights drawing in and the temperature dropping. But now the Autumn is here, in my view, party time is just around the corner. That’s right – as I write, there are only 98 days until Christmas!
Christmas parties are full of memories that want to be captured. But to make sure you get the very best moments of your party season photographed in a way that will ensure they are a real treasure these are the things you need to think through ahead of time.

Pick the events you want photographed.

In the next few months we have Halloween, Bonfire Night, Diwali and Christmas Parties. There is a celebration for everyone coming up and if you plan right then you can ensure that you’ll have some great photos that will turn into real keepsakes.
The first step is knowing what events you want to have photographed and you certainly have a fair number to choose from. Once you have your event and any theme in mind then you can start planning the specific shots you want.

Start planning now

If you’re going to have a special event photographed it’s important to start planning for the photography well ahead of time.
Really think about how the photographs are going to be used. Are they going to be displayed as a large print on the wall? Are there going to be multiple pieces that compliment each other? Will there be lots of portraits in an album?
Once you know what sort of images you want then you can start to decide on the shots that need to be captured and put them into a checklist, which you can give to your photographer. This is a good example of it done for a wedding – it’s easy enough to take the model and apply it to your party or event.

Brief your photographer well

Really successful photo shoots depend of a well-briefed photographer.
You may have planned the most fantastic event and got some incredible shots in mind, but if you don’t get your vision across to your photographer it might well fall apart at the last hurdle.
I wrote an article a little while back about how to brief a photographer well. Take a read over my three top tips and make sure you implement them.

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