I haven’t seen a Christmas advert on the television yet, but now we’re in October, they can’t be far off!
We’ve just passed the marker that says it’s 80 days to go until Christmas. Which is both relieving and terrifying in equal measure. On the one hand it seems like there is plenty of time to take care of all of everything. On the other, you know that time is going to fly by very quickly.
So is it too early to be thinking about Christmas gifts?
I would say absolutely not. Great Christmas gifts that have plenty of thought put into them take a little while to pull together, so you want to start thinking about and planning them now.
To help you out I’ve listed three of my favourite photography gift ideas to give you a little inspiration on the way.
Photographic Gifts | Kim Rix Photography


Far and away the most popular gifts that I help to create are family portraits. I’ve written previously about why portraits are so important. I really do believe that when they are high quality and well put together that they can be a gift that will be cherished for a long time.
There is a large range of portraits to think about. Which one you choose really depends on who you’ll be giving the gift to. You could have a portrait taken of your children for their grandparents, or a portrait for a well loved pet for it’s owner.
The possibilities here are endless. You will be able to find a few more ideas here.

Calendars and keepsakes

One of my favourite photography gifts I’ve helped to put together was a 12 month calendar of a new baby for their grandparents. It was certainly a tricky shoot, with plenty of costume changes and a few tears. But the end product was spectacular.
Don’t get hooked up thinking that all of the gifts that create have to be massive canvas portraits to hang on the wall. They can be as personal as a calendar, paperweight or other image based gifts.
Especially if you incorporate getting photographs for these gifts into a bigger photo session, you may end up with more, really personal presents, taken care of.

Photo Albums

In my view the photo album is now a massively under-rated gift. It seems that with more and more people taking digital photos, the natural place for us to put them is online.
I think that is a shame, because there is no more beautiful gift than a wonderfully bound photo album. It looks stunning when it’s placed pride of place on a coffee table, brimming with portraits and pictures of your loved ones.
If you’re stuck for the perfect gift for any family member, a photo album filled with memories will make their face light up. Even better, ensure that they are part of the memory as well and book them a family portrait session.
That may then just be one gift, but it will last a lifetime.
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