I am frequently asked by expectant mums about newborn photography timings. “When is the best time for you to visit?” .
Newborn photography is not only an art, it is a battle with time too; at least for those “classic”, perfect images that new mums want the most. There is a very brief window for creating these memories. That window is days 5-10 after birth. Of course photographs can be taken after this window has passed, it merely becomes more challenging. But why are days 5-10 the best?
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Newborn Photography Timings Explained

Sleep: Newborns sleep deeply during this period after birth. Once sleeping, it is very difficult to wake them up just by touching or posing. By aged two weeks, this characteristic vanishes making posing more difficult and harder on the baby. Newborns have sleep patterns similar to adults in that they go through stages of light and deep sleep. The difference is, for newborns, they spend more time in deep sleep. This is when great photos can be taken.
Agility: Since newborns have only recently left the womb, their bodies are still gravitating towards the fetal position. This means their limbs are easy to “fold” and “bend” into the positions you often see of newborns. Their legs will easily fall into place under their bellies, their arms effortlessly wrap around their face etc. At this age, posing is totally comfortable for the baby.
Patterns: Days 5-10 are still ones without an established routine between mother and baby. Thus, the baby will not notice if a feeding is earlier or later than usual, or if the time of day is “awake” time or not. Experienced mums will tell you that by two weeks old, such a routine has been created and they can tell you exactly when their baby will sleep, when they will awake to eat, etc. The best images are created before this schedule is solidified. It is not only easier for all involved, but much easier on the baby.
I hope that has helped to explain newborn photography timings. If you have had your 20-week scan and would like to create some precious memories when the day arrives, please get in touch.
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