Newborn photography is indeed an entire complicated skill set of its own. Not every photographer is a newborn specialist. Being informed about newborn basics will help you decide what kinds of portraits you want of your baby as well as which photographer to use.
When you are looking to work with a newborn photographer in London, keep in-mind these three elements:

Newborn Basics – Safety

The first rule of newborn basics – safety is priority. Obviously, no photograph is worth injuring your baby over. So you want to be sure the photographer knows how to hold and pose newborns properly. Infants are very fragile. Ensure the photographer knows about things to watch out for, like the baby’s circulation and, and knowing the medical background of the baby if appropriate. For example, there are some conditions infants can have that will make them susceptible to injury when doing certain poses, such as the chin on hands or “froggy” pose.
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Time Commitment

It is difficult, if not impossible, to predict how long a newborn shoot may take. To be safe, plan on 3 hours as a minimum for a photoshoot. Much depends on if the baby sleeps throughout the session. Be sure to expect soiling to happen and plan on time for clean-up, changing the baby and the props if needed. Second rule in newborn basics, when it comes to photography, the baby is in charge of the pace, not the photographer. I advise my clients it’s best not to plan anything else for the day of your newborn photo shoot – you might be too exhausted!

Natural Light

Be sure to schedule your photo session at a time when the natural light is best in your home. Natural light is, just that, more natural and it is quieter; no thumping sounds from strobes resetting themselves. And rule 3 in newborn basics, no quick bursts of flash that the baby is not used to. Natural light is soft and beautiful when managed by a professional photographer.
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