Is your child showing an interest in photography, but you don’t quite know how to nurture that interest? Maybe they’d like to learn how to use a camera and be able to take wonderful pictures of their siblings, pets or even flowers in your garden?
Photography is a fantastic creative pursuit and one that is much easier for children to pick up and learn than you would expect.
Drawing on my past experience of teaching toddlers, children and teenagers, I’ve put together an exclusive three part course aimed at getting younger children actively interested in photography (and taking some fantastic images too!)
What it involves?
At its essence this course is about your child learning how to use a camera, figuring out the best ways to compose images and then taking the time to review what pictures have been taken and why certain images look great.
Because some children have a short attention span, I have split the course into three, one hour sessions. All sessions are done within the comfort of your own home.
All sessions will be practical and focus on your children having some good images that they can show for the work they have put in.
What do you need?
There is not a lot that you need to take part. However these 3 things are a must.
1 – An SD card so that you can keep hold of the pictures your child takes
2 – Something to photograph (but don’t worry if you don’t know what this is ahead of time)
3 – Willingness to learn!
Who is it for?
This is a 3-part course in the very basics of photography, so it’s perfect for younger children (roughly age 7-12) who are interested in taking pictures, art or other creative activities.
To ensure that I can spend quality time with your child, I suggest the sessions be limited to 3 children or siblings in a session.
What it costs
The course is priced per child and per hour – at £35 per hour.
To find out more about what your child will learn from me, call 0208 989 4886 or email