I am passionate about my photography business because I believe in capturing the moment. My approach has always been friendly, professional and compassionate. Every client is coming from a different place in life, and has a different story to tell. Every new client is an opportunity to make new friends and build long-term relationships.
But, because I am so open and genuinely enjoy helping people, I sometimes forget that I am running a professional photography business. Balancing professionalism and the desire to be a friend can be tricky.
I am striving to build a photography business that is a cut above the rest. Clients invest with me, and the pressure is on to produce fantastic results. Event Photography is a lot of responsibility for any photographer.
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Photography Business Contract

That’s why certain terms and conditions, otherwise called a ‘contract’ must be put in place.
Hiring a professional freelance service of any discipline is a risky business, but contracts serve to help both of us, artists and clients. It’s much more than a professional guarantee. With photography, there are a lot of things that can go wrong, especially if our friend Murphy has anything to do with it.
Most professional people have to sign a contract with their employer. When you hire a professional photographer to do a job, it’s no different. A photographer’s contract should be treated with the same level of respect.
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Generally speaking, I issue a contract to clients booking London event photography. It might be a large corporate event, or an intimate personal family event. Either way, these events only happen once, and cannot be repeated. There is an element of risk, so having a contract in place is personal security and a benefit for both sides.
You get a legal document that entitles you as a client with specific rights. Having a contract helps to manage expectations. Your investment is protected, and so is my photography business.
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I believe in being sincere and transparent in business. The best way to achieve this, is by getting things written on paper. There can be no nasty surprises, and no unnecessary stress. That’s how this photography business roles!
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