I love dogs, but admittedly, I don’t have the lifestyle to keep a dog. So I’ve had to learn a few dog games and tricks to offer owner & pet photography in London.
I have discovered there are countless ways to entertain your dog. Not only are these games fun, they can help you and your family bond with your pet, and will look fantastic when incorporated into pet portrait photography.
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Here are 5 simple dog games to try when your dog gets bored of ‘fetch’:

1. Frisbee Toss.
This a great twist on the conventional game of fetch or catch. Catching a frisbee will test your dog’s agility and concentration. And if you teach them from a pup, your pet will become a true expert. Start off by throwing it a low level, and once your pup has gotten used to the strange, flying object, the natural instinct to catch will kick in.
2. Round Robin.
This activity is perfect for young children and your dog. Get every family member to sit around the room with a handful of treats. Take it in turns to call out your dog’s name. Every time your dog comes to the correct person, he should be awarded with treats and praise. In the summer, take the game outside for the perfect training exercise.
3. Simon Says.
This game is great for dogs who already know the training basics, and for owners who want to expand their pet’s knowledge. Use treats to test your pet’s knowledge on his ability to understand commands.
4. Doggy Treat Hunt.
This will be perfect for Easter. Hide a selection of your pets favourite treats and place in them in various locations. You can play this game in your pet’s favourite location, whether it is in the garden, local field or beach. Your pet will recognise their surroundings so will feel comfortable searching for their rewards.
5. Hide and Seek.
This is a great game that works your dogs senses and brains. Grab a handful of treats or toys. Ask your dog to stay in one room, and go and hide in another. Call your dog, and when he finds you, reward them with the treats.
These games will keep your pet entertained and distracted for hours. They will help you bond with your dog, and will allow you to get the entire family involved. Do you have any other ideas for fun dog games? Please share it below.
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