Having a family portrait done is almost as exciting as Christmas. They mark a special occasion of another year and they document the once in a lifetime growth of children. Capturing the love and joy in each photo is extremely special. However, today in this blog post we share the most common question we get asked: What should we wear for our family portrait?
Here we’ve put together some helpful tips to help make your decision!

Colour Coordinate Your Family Portrait

We’ve seen all the retro family portraits all over Buzzfeed and we always think it’s important to colour coordinate, but do not match! We recommend on choosing a colour scheme – and mix and match colours so that everyone flows and coordinates. Consider the time of year as well, if it’s autumn, go for yellows, greens, think rustic colours and you’re on the right path!

Plan Ahead

Don’t leave anything until the last minute. The more time you allow yourself to decide what you would like everyone to wear, the more you will feel better and more confident about the matter. Imagine if you have chosen something that doesn’t fit well on yourself? Carefully plan ahead so you’re not disappointed with the end result!
Family Portrait Session at Home

Come rain or shine

If you have a planned photoshoot in your favourite local park in London, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the weather forecast at least twenty-four or forty-eight hours in advance. Of course, a mild, dry, relatively cloud-free day is preferable. However, if the weather doesn’t look so promising, well it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to reschedule. You might think there’s nothing worse than an outdoor photoshoot in the rain but actually, it is possible to capture some beautiful and interesting portraits – colourful wellies and umbrellas are wonderful props and we could have fun splashing around and being creative with reflections in puddles, for example.
Always keep in mind trends and styles come and go. You want your family photo to be timeless, so it is best to aim for more of a classic look. Opt for a comfortable yet beautiful photo which is to be seen by friends and family for years to come.
Is it time to update your family portrait? It’s not too late to book for half-term. I’d love to hear from you – 020 8989 4886.
Kim Rix
“Making Memories Precious”