Last week I was asked for advice about choosing a camera for a child who takes amazing pictures with his iphone. The mother wanted to know if she should spend money on a real camera to nurture her child’s growing interest in the world of photography. Unfortunately, for parents who don’t have much knowledge of photography or cameras, I totally understand – choosing a camera must be hard.
Pre-school kids
Generall, choosing an electronic device for a child depends on what age group the child is in. For a child that’s younger than 7 years old, choosing any plastic camera that runs on AA batteries from Amazon will be ideal to satisfy their interest in photography. If they manage to retain their interest for a couple of years and can understand the value of their possessions, then consider buying them a digital camera. Using a digital camera, your children can learn the basics of photography such as, how to use the flash, zooming the camera in and out, and deleting pictures. You can easily find most affordable and mid-range point-and-shoot digital cameras online from Amazon & EBay.
Ages 10 – 12
You really want to pay attention to your children to determine whether they have a passing interest in photography or whether they’re showing potential. If your child has a camera with them most of the time, takes lots of pictures of friends, taking part in photography contests online or uploading their pictures to social media, they might be serious about photography. Consider buying an entry-level DSLR like the Nikon D3300 or Canon 1300D to give them a better understanding of basic controls, such as aperture, shooting modes and shutter priority.
If your teenager is demonstrating a good eye for a picture and still has a keen interest in photography, it’s time to nurture and encourage the skill to a higher level. Photography is a great way for children to express themselves so spending a few hundred pounds to buy them a good quality amateur dslr camera will do more good than harm.
On the other hand, if you think your child is showing real potential and creativity, signing them up for photography workshops and 1-2-1 training is the ideal approach to honing their skills. Even if your child is shy, enlisting him or her for group workshops is the ideal approach to nurturing their creative talent and making them more social.
If you want to know whether your child has potential, contact me today to book 1-2-1 photography classes or photography workshops . I promise to give you an honest answer and help you with choosing a camera.
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