I would like to help you mark this very special time with an Engagement Session. I will narrate your love story through portrait photography. Now some of those portraits will be a range of intimate, romantic poses and some will be taken more naturally by capturing you off-guard. My aim is to personalise the session around you.
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1) Where did you propose? Can we use the place of the proposal? If it was a restaurant then most owners are really happy to help you re-create the scene. If it was a park then we already have a lovely scene. If it was on holiday – well I’m game to travel 🙂
2) Where did you two meet? Same as the proposal location? If it was a pub, concert or sports event again the venues are usually really happy to help.
3) What are your common interests? Do you like dancing, let’s re-create your favourite dance. Do you play golf – let’s go to a golf course and hire a buggy. Do you support a sports team: sports jerseys, scarves, sports wear all make great colourful props. Whatever your joint interests, I’m sure we can come up with some fun and unique ideas, personal to you.
4 )Do you have pets? Dogs especially are terrific add-ons to your engagement session, especially when they are part of your family. Cats don’t normally work so well – they are too lovably self-centred to co-operate. If you have something more exotic like horses, rabbits, tortoises or something else then I’m sure we can manage.
5) What about your personalities? Are you a quiet and loving couple? Are you loud and always out for a good laugh – then we can do something much more adventurous. And if you want both, then that’s fine….we’ll have a lot of fun, I’m sure.
All the engagement sessions I do aim to show the whole you and your whole love story. I want to help you express who you are, what brought you together and, how happy you are now.
To book your engagement session with Kim Rix Photography – just telephone 020 8989 4886 to make your booking. It’s a wonderful way to make your engagement official.
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