The most rewarding part of my job is helping you choose your wall art to display your photos at home. This is what I mean by “Making Memories Precious”.

Call me old-fashioned, but I love creating that ‘forever’ keepsake for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

I work closely with an award-winning laboratory, OneVision Imaging, so I am able to offer a wide range of products for showing off your portraits. Everything from wall art for all the world to see, to picture boxes and beautiful albums for a more discrete collection of all your photos.

Wall Art | Kim Rix Photography

Framed Wall Art: You can choose from long-lasting wooden frames suitable for a more country or long-lasting home. For modern homes we have contemporary box mounts with coloured or metal edges.

Canvas Wall Art: With full wrap canvasses that are ready to hang. These canvases do not need a frame. They have a thick base behind them to make them standout on the wall.

Acrylic Wall Art: Is very fashionable right now, either with clear or black backgrounds. Very understated and very refined.
Photo Boxes: A very popular choice right now for a collection of prints. All prints are perfectly sized and presented in a traditional box in linen or gloss finishes.

Albums/Coffee Table Books: The old fashioned picture album is almost a thing of the past now. With contemporary printing procedures you can have contemporary books that are absolutely fantastic.

Baby Photobook | www.kimrixphotography

Slideshows for computer or TV screen: For slideshows, what can be better than a 5 minute show with songs and movement that really brings home your cherished memories.

When you visit for a consultation, I can show you lots of samples of all of the above. Or perhaps you have something else in mind? I’m completely open to learning what it is you actually want to put on your walls? For a consultation, call me on 020 8989 4886. I’d love to create something just for you.

Kim Rix
Making Memories Precious