It is the season for a summer photoshoot. The children are home for the holidays and what better way to spend a day outdoors having fun.

Assuming the weather doesn’t change too much over the coming weeks, then it’s all about expressing warmth through wardrobe in your summer photoshoot.

For girls, wear summer dresses, gorgeous flowers and floaty skirts or dresses are all exciting. Be brave and show some skin too, it is the time to show off your legs, arms and tummy.

For men, it might be loose smart shirts or if you have the physique, T-Shirts. Whichever you choose, please avoid logo’s or pictures, they can be really distracting in images.
Remember to bring sunglasses. While we don’t want you wear them for every photo (they hide the eyes and make you look anonymous), they can be a terrific accessory and we can craft some fun photographs too.

You can bring props too – beach-balls, ice-creams, tennis rackets, beach-brollies and hats can all be colourful extras for a summer photoshoot.

Wear comfy shoes such as flip-flops, pumps, flat deck shoes or cute trainers. On lovely soft grass, you could go bare-foot.

The light from the Summer sun can be soft and beautiful towards the end of the day. You’ll still want to plan ahead to make sure the whole family enjoys the experience.

For more advice on what to wear, follow the link. Alternatively, if you’re not sure what to wear for your summer photoshoot, give me a call on 020 8 989 4886.