Several people ask me why hire a professional photographer? With so much technology available, it has become easy to take a good photograph and share it instantly. My answer is that hiring a professional photographer is an investment. And with so much technology, it is essential that you hire a professional photographer at least once. Photos taken on Smartphones and tablets are taken in the moment and photographs that are shared online do not have a value or are lost among the hundreds of images that are shared daily on social media platforms such as Instagram.

When hiring me as your professional photographer, you will not receive a photo, you will receive a stunning family heirloom, presented in a beautiful keepsake album or photo product. However, my photography services are more than just portraits. You will be buying an experience. Quality time with your family and loved ones, a photographer who will work closely with you to understand your requirements, and who will get to know you and your family, and who will invest my time and skills into creating a stunning family portrait that you will cherish forever.

Your experience will begin the moment you pick up the phone, however, the magic happens on the day of your shoot. It is true, anyone can capture a photo, but I understand what it takes to distract your children, and entertain them, use stunning locations and backdrops to enhance your final portraits, and use props and implement activities to add fun, creativity and uniqueness into your family portrait. Your photo shoot will be all about you, and your family’ personalities and relationships will shine through. This experience is something that you simply cannot get from a SmartPhone or digital camera.

When it comes to hiring me as your professional photographer, it is imperative that I always explain what the cost involves. You value your family, and loved ones, and want to create a stunning portrait, as well as beautiful memories from your photo shoot. You will not only receive this fantastic, once in a lifetime experience (because no two photo shoots are the same), your portrait will also benefit from top of the range camera equipment and professional expertise that will ensure I work quickly and effectively, as I understand that for you, time is a commodity not to be wasted. There will also be extensive pre planning to ensure that everything runs smoothly as possible on the day. I will visit your chosen location on several occasions to test lighting, weather reactions and experiment with different backdrops, and I will  be in constant contact to help solve any problems that may occur.

Family Portrait | Kim Rix Photography

Then after the photo shoot, my work is not done. I will produce beautifully edited portraits, in a quick turnaround time, and present them in an online gallery. Then your chosen portraits will be mounted into a luxury, hand crafted album or photo product, for you to display in your home and share with your loved ones.

The bottom line, when it comes to hiring a professional photographer, quality always comes with quantity. When you hire me, you will be investing in excellent service, high quality and valuable time. Your final portraits will be a reflection of this.

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