With so much technology available, it has become easy to take a good photograph and share it instantly. So why in 2018, would you be hiring a professional photographer? My answer is ‘hiring a photographer is an investment’.

Photos taken on Smartphones and tablets are taken in the moment. Photographs that are shared online do not have a value or are lost among the billions of images that are shared daily on social media platforms.
When hiring me as your professional photographer, you will not receive a photo, you will receive a stunning family heirloom. However, my photography services are more than just portraits. You will be buying an experience…
Quality time with your family and loved ones. A photographer who will work closely with you to understand your requirements. A Photographer who will get to know you and your family. And who will invest time and skills into creating a stunning family portrait that you will cherish forever.

Your photo session will be all about you. Your family’s personalities and relationships will shine through. This experience is something that you simply cannot get from a SmartPhone or digital camera.
To find out more about how it works, call me for a friendly chat – 020 8989 4886.
Kim Rix Photography
Making Memories Precious