Over the last year, I have been running a Childrens Photography Course in London. I love sharing my knowledge with young aspiring photographers. I believe in the importance of passing on knowledge and teaching the next generation.

This weekend I had two new students. On Saturday, I drove to Weybridge in Surrey to teach a young 13 year old about photography. She doesn’t own a camera, so I introduced her to a small Canon Powershot camera to explain the basics. The Photography Course was given to her as a Christmas gift from her older brother. I sent him a gift voucher, so he could give it to his little sister on Christmas Day.

My second student, was a ten year old girl, who in the last year had developed a strong interest in photography. She showed me some great pictures she had taken with her mobile phone. This photography class was booked by her Granddad as a birthday gift. Other than her mobile phone, she had been using her Granddad’s Kodak camera to take pictures on holiday. However, she didn’t know how to use the camera, other than in auto-mode to point and shoot.
Children's photography classes
I have been working with young children on a 1-2-1 basis in their home. We go outside into their garden or a local park to practice. The course is a mixture of basic theory as having fun taking pictures. It’s a three hour workshop, but sometimes it overruns.

The childrens photography course starts with the very basics i.e. how to hold a camera. Then we look at the different modes, buttons, features and functions. Next we talk about the importance of composition. I do try to keep it fairly light and not too technical but there are a few important photography rules to learn. Once all that is done, it’s time to start using the camera.

I give my students a list of items to find and photograph, like a Scavenger Hunt. It’s fun and gives the children an objective. At the end of the workshop, I give them a homework project, so they can carry on taking pictures and developing their photography skills. I am also happy to advise parents how to choose a camera for their child.

In addition to the 1-2-1 Children’s Photography Course, I will be running a Children’s Photography Summer Camp in the school holidays 2018. For more information, please get in touch. Call Kim on 020 8989 4886.