Children At Weddings : For most children, especially teenagers, weddings actually turn out to be very boring – they get tired, crotchety and downright grumpy. Now whether you care about the kids or not, think about their parents too.

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Now Option A is to have a ‘no children’ wedding. Lots of couples do and as far as I can see parents are very happy to have a day (and a night) out without their children. Extended family like Grandparents come in very handy!

That said, as an experienced wedding and children’s photographer, I enjoy the photographic opportunities and energy that children bring to the wedding, if they are kept busy and occupied. So I love it when there are plenty of children at weddings.

Option B, to provide entertainment for the children.
The the older children, outdoor entertainment can be as simple as a couple of footballs, Frisbees, hoops, ball pits, boules, a cricket bat and ball etc.
Indoors – especially at the dinner table – can include children’s fun packs.
After dinner, silly games such as Twister are fun – and the adults usually join in too.

For larger groups of children at weddings, think about offering special entertainment.

• Painting, cutting and gluing can keep young children very happy for hours and they would have something to take home.
• Street entertainers teach children simple magic and juggling tricks.
• Children love having their face painted with glitter and sparkles

Children get tired too, often they can fall asleep anywhere. But sometimes they might need a little quiet space with a few cushions to settle down in.
In general kids don’t need much entertaining before their own ideas kick in. I have seen plenty of children keeping themselves happy, but a few simple things around for them to get involved in can really help a wedding day run smoothly.

If you are looking for a London wedding photographer, who loves working with children at weddings, and offers a bespoke, premium service, give Kim Rix a call.

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