Choosing the Right Photographer for Your Wedding

So how do you choose the right wedding photographer? After all there are a lot of us around, and we seem to offer a similar, yet not identical, service. And prices?
So what questions should you ask to find the right wedding photographer for you? Well, from my own perspective, couples hire me because of my style and the beautiful wedding albums I offer. I believe price is the usually last thing on their mind. That’s not to say they aren’t price conscious, of course.

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Wedding Photography Price

OK, you will have a budget. Should you break your budget on your photography? Remember, it’s the only thing you will have in 10 years time. Not the meal or hotel, but the photographs – consider that.
They say, the average spend on wedding photography in 2017 was about £1500. Personally speaking, with a lot of experience behind me, I am above your average wedding photographer, and the service I provide reflects that. I am rated one of three best Photographers in Redbridge, London.
You might like to read this article to understand why the cost varies from one wedding photographer to the next.
Then add in what you want from your photographer:
– A wedding album
– Additional Prints
– Canvas or framed Prints

Wedding Photography Timing

When do you want the photographer to start and finish? It used to be your photographer turned up just before the service, took 12 pictures before you went in, then another 24 group shots outside the church afterwards.
Well it’s not like that now, so work out which parts you want covered. My typical full-day wedding photography service will start with the bride getting ready in the morning all the way through to the dancing in the evening, Remember though, I will tell the Story of the DAY – the whole day, not just the service in the middle:

– Bride getting ready
– Groom getting ready
– Guests arriving at service
– The service itself
– Guests after the service
– Speeches
– Cake Cutting
– First Dance
– Evening Fun and Dancing
– Wedding couple portraits
– Family portraits

Wedding Photography Style
My style is much more “reportage” or “natural” photography of the wedding day. I like to move around the room, looking for smiles and beautiful expressions. My aim is to get smiling (or emotional) people being natural throughout the day.

But, your family will never forgive you if you do not have the formal group shots – and indeed you will want them in the years to come.
A few couple portraits are a must for the album, to feature the two of beaming, and full of love on that special day.
Also, the bridal dress needs some special work to really make it. So, there has to be an element of formal posing.

Remember, my aim is not just to get one or two “WOW” images…I will tell the Story of your day.  So, in a nutshell, the questions you ask should take into account the fact that you will need:

  • someone with stamina, who can move around on their feet with ease.
  • someone who can get the shot every single time, no matter what. There shouldn’t be any gaps in your album!
  • someone who can get along with everyone – you, your guests, the videographer and a member of your bridal party, to organise the group shots.

If you like the sound of that, get in touch!

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