Having a special theme for an engagement session can be a really lovely idea. You don’t have to use it throughout the whole session: you can still have romantic or formal shoots too. Mixing the ‘fun’ theme with a few loved-up portraits makes a really beautiful set of memories.

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Engagement Props.
What hobbies are you into? Do you play games, play music, play sports? Bring along something relevant from your hobby. Generally larger props work better than smaller ones when it comes to photographs.

Clothes and Uniforms.
Do you wear something specific for your hobby. For sports it is easy – if you are they sporty type bring your sports wear, if you are a supporter then bring your sports jerseys or team scarves.

Engagement Location.
How about the place that you met? Or somewhere you visited whilst dating? Do you have a regular venue such as a local park, pub, café or theatre? Nearly always these venues are very happy to accommodate you (but please give them some pictures in return). How about the place where the proposal took place?

Your Wedding Theme.
If you have a theme for your wedding then I would encourage you to include it in your engagement photos. Vintage weddings, winter wonderland weddings, Sequins and Glitter weddings, a golf themed wedding – there are way too many wedding theme ideas to mention here but, all these and more – if they are used in your engagement shoot they can really tie two very special occasions together.

I would definitely then encourage you to include a few portraits from your Engagement session in your wedding album.

If you are looking for an experienced professional photographer who can offer you an abundance of ideas, energy and enthusiasm, you have come to the right place. Give me a call and we can talk through your engagement photos and your wedding photography.

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