In the summertime when the weather is hot… it’s time for a summer photoshoot.  School’s out, the kids are excited about their long break – it’s a great time to get outside and soak up some vitamin D. Assuming the weather doesn’t change too much over the coming weeks, then it’s all about expressing warmth through wardrobe in your summer photoshoot.

Top Styling Tips for your Summer Photoshoot

summer photoshoot| Kim Rix PhotographySummer shoots are great for action shots, so it’s important that your children feel relaxed and comfortable.  Loose, light clothing is great for running and climbing.  Be sure to avoid large logos and pictures as they can really detract from gorgeous details like sunlight in fine hair or on soft little cheeks.
Ladies could go for a romantic vibe with gorgeous flowers and floaty skirts or dresses.  To give your photos that holiday heat, be brave and show some skin too!
Every man looks the business in cool linen or, if you want to show off your physique, a plain white t-shirt.  For a more playful image, try casual longer length shorts.  Again, remember that loud patterns and big images on clothes can draw too much attention in a photo.
Remember to bring sunglasses.  You won’t be wearing them in all the shots as covering your eyes can mean hiding your personality.  However, they can be a terrific accessory for some cool, fun shots.
If you have some summer accessories, bring them along!  Beach-balls, ice-creams, tennis rackets, beach-brollies and hats make colourful extras, and a few games can help to shake off any initial stiffness in your poses.
Wear comfy shoes such as flip-flops, pumps, flat deck shoes or cute trainers. On lovely soft grass, you could go bare-foot – but make sure you have clean, trimmed toenails!
If you need more advice on how to coordinate the whole family for your summer photoshoot, feel free to give me a call on 0208 989 4886.

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