It’s nearly time for that September classic, the Back-to-School Photograph.  After a long, hot summer, it won’t be long before social media feeds are full of cute pictures of children in brand-new, oversized school uniforms, beaming proudly or wearing a shy smile.  Here are my tips for making sure your back-to-school photographs aren’t something your child dreads you digging out in 10 years’ time.

Sibling Portrait | Kim Rix Photography
Leave enough time
If you already have kids at school or this isn’t your first year of the school run, you’ll know how rushed mornings can be.  Have a damp cloth on hand to wipe off any Weetabix spillages and make sure you plan to be ready to go well before you need to leave:  You don’t want to end up taking a hasty snap that doesn’t do justice to such an important milestone in your child’s life.  Even worse, the stress can lead to strained expressions and—worse—tears.  Not conducive to happy memories!
Think about the identifying features
With our lives increasingly being played out online, we need to think carefully about what details to avoid sharing with others.  If your child’s uniform has identifying badges on it, you might want to arrange a pose that covers these.  Another option is simply to blur the name of the school if you’re posting photos online and keep the originals for display in the home only.
Stand next to a permanent feature
If you’re already in your forever home, why not pick a permanent feature to be part of your photograph?   By standing your child next to a potted tree or the bottom of the stairs, for example, you can repeat the same scene each year and emphasise the change in your little ones as they grow up.  If you know you’ll be moving around, front doors are generally the same size and provide the classic back-to-school photograph background.
Think beyond the doorstep
How about photographing your child from behind as they walk through the school gates for the first time—if you can focus through the tears, that is!   Another cute idea is to zoom in for a close-up of your child’s hand holding yours, grasping a pencil case or resting on the bag slung over their shoulder.
Don’t forget that ‘first day at school’ doesn’t just mean the morning.  Capturing the moment your child brings out a book to read with you on the sofa, is something that
Don’t forget to keep the out-takes
When your chubby-cheeked cherub turns into a teenaged terror, the odd frightful back-to-school photograph can make a wonderful weapon.  Just saying…
However, if you’d rather keep those out-takes to a minimum, you can book a professional back-to-school shoot to capture your family’s special moment.  Call me at Kim Rix Photography on 020 8989 4886.

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