New-born photoshoots without tears

On many expectant parents’ to-do list is a new-born photoshoot to capture those first few precious days of life.  If you’re expecting this year, you probably already have a few photos in your album—scan photos, snaps of your growing bump—but it can be really difficult to capture the wonder of your new-born on a phone or point and shoot camera, as this collection of photo fails hilariously demonstrates!

New-born photoshoot | Kim Rix Photography

Book early: If you’re hoping for shots of your baby sleeping and curled up, it’s best to schedule in your new-born photoshoot for some time before your little one is two weeks old.  Babies grow very quickly and it’s not long before some of the new-born poses become uncomfortable for your baby.  Around the two-week mark is also when babies start to become much more alert, which could make getting those cute, snoozy photographs a bit more difficult.

Layer up: A tiny baby needs lots of warmth, especially if you’re going for the natural, unclothed look in your photos.  Studio heating will be ramped up, which could leave you sweltering!  Take layers so you can peel them off as needed.  It also means that you’ve got more options in case of little accidents—always a risk with a nappy-free baby around!

Let your baby lead the shoot: You may have your heart set on a new-born photoshoot pose or prop you’ve seen on Instagram or on a friend’s wall.  Your baby, however, may not necessarily agree!  Some new-borns can’t stand to be on their front, for example.  There are many different, gentle poses we can use, so let your shoot be led by what your little one finds comfortable.  It goes without saying that a happy baby is always our priority!

Keep siblings happy: Be aware that a new-born photoshoot can take much longer than a normal one.  We will need to take regular breaks so that your little one can be fed, changed or comforted.  If you are bringing along baby’s big sister or brother, make sure you bring a favourite toy or two and a few snacks.  If you can arrange for them to join the shoot for a short while only, this should make life a lot easier.

Bring a prop: Many photography studios will have specialist props, hats and headbands for new-born photoshoots.  Check when you book that your photographer has what you’re after.  You may also like to bring something special or meaningful to your family.  Perhaps you have a cherished teddy, passed down the generations, or a blanket knitted by Granny?  If you’ve bought clothes especially for the photoshoot, do make sure they fit properly beforehand!  0-3 month clothes can swamp a new-born as they’re designed to have room for growth.

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