The 20th of February is National Love Your Pet Day, so show the world how much you do by using my professional tips to take better photos of your pet.

girl and dog photos | Kim Rix Photography

Attention please!

Food is usually king when it comes to getting your pet’s attention.  Even small furries like guinea pigs will tend to look up in interest when the fridge is opened or the food bag rattled.  However, young or untrained pets often want to snaffle up the treat immediately, making it hard to capture the perfect shot.  With these, or more energetic pets, it’s worth trying out an unfamiliar noise to gain their attention.  It’s a great way to get dogs to the classic head tilted, ears pricked pose as they try to work out what on earth their human is doing!  Just make sure you don’t scare your poor pet with anything too sudden or loud.  

Horse Pets | Kim Rix Photography

Don’t forget the details

Taking better photos of your pet often comes down to details.  If your furry friend is a proper fluffball, make sure you get the brush out before your photoshoot.  The texture of freshly brushed fur really stands out in a photograph and any clumps or tangles will spoil the shot.  Likewise, wipe away any drool or tear stains as these are very difficult to edit out of your photo afterwards.  If you’re going to use a prop, such as a pet bed or favourite toy, clean it up a bit first.  What looks presentable in real life can look tired and dirty in a photograph.

And… action!

Find someone to be your assistant if you want to capture some action shots.  Throwing a ball or dangling a toy is a great way to capture your pet’s playful personality.  If there are any easily accessible open spaces nearby, use them to photograph your dog running towards you.  There’s nothing like the pure joy of a dog running at full pelt, tongue lolling and ears blown back!

girl and firedragon | Kim Rix Photography

Get down with it

Crouch down to your pet’s level to focus on your pet’s eyes and expressions.  This gives the impression in photos that you are ‘in their world’ and seeing life from their point of view.  It’s great for bringing out your pet’s personality and really is one of the easiest ways to capture better photos of your pet.

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