Top Ten Ways To Use Professional Headshots For Business

Posted by Kim Rix on May 14, 2013

Professional Headshots for Business

Have you had your professional headshots for business taken? I have blogged many times about using a professional photographer to create a stunning headshot, to represent the authentic YOU. It is so important, especially if you own your own business, you are selling a service and you do a lot of networking online.

Women come to me, saying that they need professional headshots for their web site and LinkedIn profile. That’s great, of course, but, there are so many more ways you can get value out of your headshot, in my ten year experience of being in business.

Professional HeadshotsI’m going to use myself as an example. Having had my portrait taken by, Jez Dickson about six years ago, it has given me a headshot that I am very proud to share with the world, both offline and online. I’ve used it everywhere. I probably get more mileage out of it online, because I do a lot of networking and use social media.

They say that you should update your professional headshots every couple of years. On the whole, I agree and would encourage that.  However, I have just admitted that I have been using my headshot taken six years ago. Tut tut. I’ve used the same headshot over and over again. Apart from the fact that I love it so much, my reason is two-fold…

The main reason is so that people will become familiar with my face, and my brand. That headshot is a true representation of myself.  The other reason I continue to use the same professional headshots is because my appearance hasn’t changed much in the last ten years. I probably should get it updated and set a good example. I’ll put it on my list of things to do.

Here are 10 ways YOU can use your professional headshots:

ONE: Business Card

Put your headshot on the back of your business card. A good idea if you go to a lot of networking events as it will help people remember who you are a week later, or a year later. Ever looked at a business card and tried to remember who it belongs to?

TWO: Article Ezines

Upload it to your bio page for submitting to article ezines. People like to be able to see who the author is. It adds credibility and professionalism to your authorship.

THREE: Directories

Use your headshot when submitting your business to directories. I have added mine to bridal directories, blog directories and business directories. Find your niche directories and add it to your business description.

FOUR: Social Media Profiles

Use your professional headshots for all your social media profiles – Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Skype. There are literally hundreds of sites. Check out this list of social networks and start adding!

FIVE: Asking For Reviews

Upload your headshot to any site you want your clients to leave a review, for example, I ask my clients for reviews on People like to see people, and it will help potential clients reading the review get a better feel and connection with you.

SIX: Press Releases

Include your headshots on your company press releases together with all your contact details.

SEVEN: Your Website and Blog

Of course, the most important place to use your professional headshots is on your own web site and blog.

EIGHT: Email signature

Personalise your email signature to make it more interesting. Go to your email settings and see if you can upload it to your signature. Then, it will appear automatically every time you write an email.

NINE: Blog Commenting

It is generally known that a good way of getting back-links to your own website is to comment on other’s blogs. But make sure you have your profile picture in place before you start commenting.

TEN: Networking Clubs

Upload your professional headshots to your profile page. I’ve used mine in places where I frequent regularly, like, Women In Business Network and, Luxury Society.

So there you go, I hope that’s helpful. Stop using your logo if possible, and start letting the world see who you really are – but make sure you get headshot taken professionally – using one that you absolutely love first – start as you mean to go on!

If you are in need of any professional headshots for yourself or your staff, I would love to talk to you – 0208 989 4886.

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